Core Drilling

Core drilling is performed by either hand held or stand mounted drilling equipment. Core holes can be drilled horizontally, vertically, as well as inverted. The size and depth of penetration that can be achieved is rather broad and comprehensive. 

Core drilling is an indispensable, vibration free, method of forming clean holes in structural concrete and other building materials. Core drilling hole sizes vary in diameter from 10mm up to 1000mm. The holes can be formed using either electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven drill motors.
Stitch drilling is a method of using interlocking diamond cored holes to provide openings of any shape or size in reinforced concrete and masonry, through walls, floors and soffits

Typical applications include:
• Core drilling provides solutions for:
• Electrical Services, Piping, and HVAC
• Runway/Taxiway Lighting
• Nuclear Decommissioning
• Man Holes
• Culverts
• Testing Surfaces
• Dowel Drilling
• Prevent over-cutting