Floor (Road) Sawing

Road Sawing, also known as floor sawing or slab sawing, refers to large self-propelled concrete saws that are fitted with a diamond blade of varying size (depending on depth of cut). They are used to cut horizontal flat surfaces, capable of cutting 600mm deep.

Road sawing, also known as slab sawing, is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete floors, tiles, paver's, brick floor, cobble stone, bridge decks, roadways and pavement.
Our concrete floor sawing machines can be either diesel, petrol or electrically driven to produce cuts up to 600mm deep in concrete slabs, using diamond tipped cutting blades.

Typical applications include:
• Cut expansion joints
• Removing damaged pavement sections
• Cut trenches for conduits
• Access utilities without damage
• Cutting of kerb and gutter