GPR Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services also known as Concrete Scanning, Slab Scanning or Concrete Imaging is a non-destructive concrete inspection system that can locate subsurface obstructions such as Post Tension cables, Reinforcement steel (REO), etc.

Concrete scanning using the latest non-destructive GPR concrete inspection Technology.

Concrete Scanning Applications Include:
• Determine location of rebar (reinforcement bars), wire-mesh, steel beams, post tension cables;
• Assist in verify slab thickness;
• Assist in achieving a safe work area for sawing / drilling to commence.
• Detailed reports relating to our findings are also available on request. 

Some of the benefits of concrete scanning include:
• Concrete scanning performed prior to penetrating the surface reduces the chance for expensive downtime or setbacks due to structure damage;
• The portability and ease of operation allows the operator to move easily about the job site and record a large amount of data in a short period of time.