Soff Cutting & Joint Sealing

Soff Cutting allow's for the earlier cutting of concrete slabs to prevent random cracking. Used as part of major roadway construction as well as pathways and driveways. Joint Sealing is performed to protect the cut line created by either soff cutting or road sawing.

Soff Cut machines are used for early entry cutting of concrete foundation slabs to complete expansion cuts. They are used for a range of reasons in a variety of areas within the market, from addressing concerns with tiling in residential housing to large foundation pours for floors or roadways.

Typical applications include:
• Control shrinkage cracks earlier in the concrete curing process, which creates higher quality foundation slabs.
• Control cracking in tiling and other rigid flooring products, which can’t accommodate delayed movement in the foundations slab.
• Save 12 to 36 hours in the construction timeline and in the overall cost of the job.