Wall Sawing

Wall sawing uses a diamond blade that is mounted on a track which is fastened to the cutting surface. Wall sawing produces a straight, clean cut which can be employed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Wall sawing uses a track mounted concrete saw, either electrically or hydraulically driven, used to form openings in walls and soffits up to 1000mm deep, in reinforced concrete and other building materials
The corners of an opening after wall sawing are not cut through unless the opening is cut past the connecting cut line. This is due of the use of round diamond blades. Where over cutting needs to be prevented, or represents a structural issue, a core drill is used to complete the corners.

Typical applications include:
• Straight smooth finished opening in walls, ceiling, and floor
• Accurately sized, fixture ready openings for doors or windows
• Create precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces
• Cut access ways for staircases and elevators
• Create crossovers for mechanical services and cabling
• Confined Spaces / restricted access areas