Concrete Floor Grinding and Milling

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What is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding is a great way to fix your concrete flooring imperfections, be it an uneven floor, cracking, chipping, peeling, crumbing, or just a poor concrete finish. Grinding concrete is the most affordable way to repair a damaged, uneven or unsightly concrete floor.

Florr grinding is primarily used to remove coatings, thin polymer overlays and deposits as well as to level uneven pavements and to roughen surfaces for skid resistance.

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Typical Concrete Grinding Applications

  • Removal of trip hazards along pavements, footpaths, driveways, factory floors, etc
  • Removing high spots, rain marks, uneven joints, or rough finishes
  • Grinding even expansion joints
  • Lightly roughing up slippery concrete surfaces
  • Improve skid resistance
  • Level doorway entrances to remove a trip hazard or to facilitate door closure without scraping on the floor surface
  • Smooth driveway approaches

Grinding is often more cost effective than removing and reinstatement of concrete slabs.

Confusion can occur between concrete floor grinding and polishing as they are closely related, and the result from performance of each can appear vary similar, yet, polishing can only smooth a uniform surface and only removes the smallest of amounts from the surface, whereas grinding is capable of removal several layers.

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Concrete Milling

Similar to concrete grinding, yet even more aggressive with the amount of concrete that can be removed. Concrete milling is designed for bulk concrete removal of up to 50mm in depth.

In addition, the equipment can bet set up in such a way that channels are able to cut or made deeper by reconfiguring the blade layout to match the channel requirements.

Concrete milling leaves a rough texture that is suitable for resurfacing or grinding once the milling process has remove the majority of the desired surface due to its aggressive cutting method.

In addition to creating a rough profile, concrete milling will reduce the concrete height at a rapid rate.

Concrete milling applications:

  • Leveling of uneven surfaces to remove trip hazard that are beyond the capability of grinding
  • Deep and precise removal of concrete or similar material to facilitate reinstatement or resurfacing
  • Cutting channels within existing concrete surfaces
  • Matching elevations of existing flooring

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In grinding, rotating abrasive discs impact the surface at a high rate of speed. The grinding disc is applied under pressure and moved across the surface until the desired effect is achieved. The grinder is guided in circular overlapping paths producing little if any pattern. Online Concrete Cutting Services utilise a variety of grinding methods and techniques in order to perform the grinding task in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Grinding concrete is not a do-it-yourself project and can become very dangerous to you and your floor if performed incorrectly.