Robotic Crushing and Breaking

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What is BROKK / DXR?

Robotic crushers and breakers such as the BROKK or the Husqvarna DXR are remote controlled machines that manoeuvre on rubber tracks, powered by 3 phase electricity and utilise hydraulics to drive the arms and legs. 

We are able to handle almost all interior concrete refurbishment, strip out projects including concrete staircases, wall or floor openings, tile removal, de-bricking concrete furnaces.

Whether you are seeking enhanced efficiency, safety, productivity or quality of deconstruction, BROKK's robotic machines provide all, making it the ideal choice for your deconstruction needs.

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Advantages of Remote-Controlled Robots

Robots represent as close to silent deconstruction as possible. Robotic crushers and breakers generate very little noise, are non-percussive, and produce minimal vibration. The result is quite concrete deconstruction and removal.

Robotic crushers and breakers are remote control operated with the operator at a safe distance minimises danger to operator from falling rubble or debris as the operator can move freely and has a perfect view of his work, either right up to the tool or at a safe distance in the case of hazardous jobs.

Robotic crushers and breakers are electrically powered making it the equipment of choice when working in poorly ventilated conditions or areas where petrol / diesel operated machinery is prohibited.

Due to the robotic crushers and breakers compact and lightweight nature it has exceptional mobility making them a perfect choice for tighter or restricted spaces. In fact, they are designed in a way they can easily manoeuvre up staircases & pass through doorways as well as being able to travel in elevators.

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Robotic crushers & breakers - Application

Remote controlled robotic crushers and breakers such as the BROKK and DXR are perfect for working on or within dams, bank vaults, bridges, silos, kilns, parking garages, nuclear power stations, train stations, or on tunnels, staircase landings, lift shafts, mezzanines, pilings, columns, beams, high rise apartments, retaining walls, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The BROKK remote controlled demolition robot comes with a vast array of attachments, including crushing jaws for delicate demolition requirements, breakers, hammers, buckets and shears, just to name a few. This diversity makes the BROKK a very versatile and reliable solution for even the most difficult refurbishment jobs.

The BROKK's 360 degree movement and 5-meter reach capability allows the operator to work on any surface.

BROKK remote controlled demolition robots extremely small outer dimensions and low weight provides it tremendous power efficiency. Their unmatched power to weight ratio sees them hit harder than an excavator five times larger. The machine also has a low centre of gravity with front and rear outriggers making it stable even on uneven surfaces.